Have you ever had that sickening feeling like you are swimming against the tide; when it doesn’t seem to matter what or how hard you try, you simply can’t catch a break? Sure you have. You know that familiar feeling like you are drowning and very soon the cops are going to come get you? Well you don’t have to live with that anymore.

True, you do not earn enough, no one does. Even the richest people in the world have issues with money, or they wouldn’t be working so hard either. What counts is what you do with the monies you have when you have them, and how you manage at the times when you do not have money. Yes, you read that right – that’s what differentiates the rich from the poor in this life.

You might have noticed that it does not matter to some people what time of the week it is or how much they have spent previously. They always seem to have cash at hand to spend. Well if you did your home work, here’s probably what you’d find: that neighbor of yours who always seems to be financially buoyant has found a secret. That secret is the cash advance.

Right now you want to scoff at the idea and say something like ‘a credit is a credit; a loan is a loan’. And yes, you would be right. But what you would be overlooking is that fact that a cash advance is a credit facility that has been made available solely for you, because of the financial challenges that you are bound to face.

With a cash advance, you can borrow money from the loan shark for reasonable percentage interests well within the annual percentage rate. Naturally you will be required to come up with a plan to pay it back in a couple of days or weeks time. Anything from as little as fifteen dollars to as much as four hundred greenbacks is applicable.