You might be wondering whether you can borrow immediate cash with long term payday loans because you can’t budget the repayment from your next paycheck. You’ll be happy to discover that there are flexible repayment options that don’t require you to repay the next time you get paid, although long term loans aren’t commonplace. They are specifically designed as a short-term solution to a temporary problem, but the nominal fees are based on the amount you borrow and the term. If you are faced with an unexpected need for cash, you might be wondering- is there such a thing as long term cash advance?

These cash advances were originally designed to offer quick cash solutions until the next time you got paid. As they have developed into a reliable source to help many people through cash shortages between paychecks, the terms have become more flexible and it isn’t unusual to find 30 day terms, which might be considered long term payday loans. With the optional renewals, you can reduce your principle balance for a nominal fee, with an interest payment for renewal. When you consider these options, you might consider the fact that long term payday loans exist.

Banks and finance companies might offer larger options for longer terms, but they will need collateral and they aren’t interested in helping you out quickly, when you need extra cash to buy groceries or gas for the car. In fact, they might give you nothing but a bunch of paperwork and delays, before finally rejecting your request. For this reason, many people have searched for long term payday loans, but they are still designed to be a short-term borrowing option for a temporary cash shortage. The fact that terms are more flexible, approvals are quick and the process is simple, can make them the first choice for many people that face an empty bank account between paychecks.