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Using a cash advance to relieve financial emergencies is the basis to why short-term loans are so popular. The loan is for a few hundred dollars, it gets deposited quickly and the payoff is meant to keep the borrower form falling into more long-term debt. The harsh part of these short-term loans is that if the full payoff is not completed on the original due date, there is high interest applied to any remaining balance. As horribly as this interest affects people’s monthly expenses, a cash advance lender continues to grow in popularity. The need for emergency cash and the will to spend more, will keep third party money opportunities profitable.

Long-term revolving debt offers fast assistance for emergencies which a credit card is accepted as payment. If you really think about most credit card balances, the majority of debt is created by consumption rather than emergency solutions. The intention of having a credit card may not have been to spend more; but for many Americans, the temptation to use the cards for non-emergency purchases has made household debt an exuberant figure. Do credit card companies perform practices which enforce irresponsible spending?

I can’t answer that question in a professional manner, but I can give my response to it as it relates to my own personal situation. Credit card companies tend to look at more than just your credit history to make decisions pertaining to your accounts which will coincidentally affect their profits.

*I have been working diligently at paying down my debt. I found it very interesting that even though I am still facing a deep debt pile, one of my creditors recently raised my credit limit. Are they trying to take advantage of all my hard work in hopes that I will be tempted to make a very large purchase or maybe take my family on a well-deserved vacation? I guess I have fallen into the “good risk” category and might see more offers coming in the mail soon. Now I will definitely need will power to keep myself on the same path to free myself of debt.