The biggest fear for most people is when a financial emergency strikes suddenly but we have no way of dealing with it. Perhaps medical charges crop up after an unexpected illness or accident, or your credit card company demands a large payment. Whatever the reason, the pressure to find cash fast becomes huge. Would a $1,000 cash advance loan do the trick?

It is not difficult to get a small unsecured personal loan to handle these sudden expenses. In fact, with instant loan approval provided by many online lenders today, the task is made extremely easy. But there are still some basic criteria that need to be met before approval can be given.

The advantages of taking on a cash advance loan are pretty clear, but there are some compromises to make for the convenience of getting fast access to cash. This is where some careful budgeting needs to be made, and the particulars of the loan deal carefully considered.

Is Instant Really Instant?

It is understandable that people may have doubts over any instant approval. However, there is a mechanism in place to ensure the approval is as close to instant as possible. When applying for a $1,000 cash advance loan, lenders typically offer no credit check services which means no time is spent checking the credit history of the applicant.

This is the major delay in any loan approval system, and depending on the lender, it can usually take around 24 hours to get the green light. But, with all of the relevant information entered into a simple online application form, and submitted by the click of a button, the application is received in a matter of seconds. And since the information given is matched to criteria electronically, instant loan approval is possible.

Within a few minutes of clicking submit, confirmation of a cash advance loan approval is received. And, within a few hours, the funds can be transferred into the deposit account of the borrower.